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LED Lighting

LED bulbs consist of one or more light-emitting diodes and an electronic circuit, which supplies the LED with power.

In Australia, lighting accounts for 10% of the average household electricity budget. The popular uptake of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) is largely responsible for the reduction of lighting costs in recent years.

Incandescent light bulbs and a range of halogen light bulbs are being phased out from the Australian market, where an equivalent LED light bulb is available.

By replacing 10 halogen light bulbs with LEDs, an average household can expect to save around $650 over 10 years on their electricity bill.  For more information visit

 6 Reasons you should upgrade to LED lighting 


1. Reduce your energy use by up to 85%

Did you know that most of the energy that goes into lighting an outdated incandescent lamp is actually spent on heating the filament? If you have outdated lights in place you could be spending up to 95% of your lighting costs on heating a bulb and only 5% on lighting it. What a waste!

LEDs are much cooler to run and don’t require heating in the same way old-fashion lighting technology does.


2. Reduce your maintenance

LEDs last a lot longer than older style lamps. They can last up to 10 years and require no maintenance.

In a business, this means less downtime for replacement. And, if your property has high ceilings, you’ll spend less of your maintenance budget on scissor lifts.


3. Reduce your carbon footprint

Upgrading to LEDs reduces your energy needs meaning you’re reducing your carbon footprint – and you are giving back to the environment.


4. Reduce your air conditioning cost

Inefficient lights can use most of their energy on generating heat instead of light. Halogen lights can reach temperatures of 300 degrees, which can increase the temperature of a room. In the summer this means you’ll be cranking up the air-con to compensate for the added heat the lights are churning out.

By switching to LED you can actually reduce your air conditioning costs as well as your lighting costs.


5. Upgrade to the future!

Stop living in the past!

Did you know the LED was invented in 1962? So if you’re not using LEDs, you are actually decades behind.

But it’s so easy to join the modern world! Upgrade to LEDs: the future of lighting.


6. Improved lighting

No more flickering fluorescent lights!  No more headaches from flickering lights.  Also LED lights can be turned off and on frequently without impacting LED’s lifetime or brightness.  In contrast, traditional bulbs may take several seconds to reach full brightness and frequent on/off switching drastically reduces how long they will last.

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